We started Wild Earth with a vision to create a mindful, safe and abundant food supply by unraveling the polarizing complexity around the idea of basic plant based eating by composing real, wholesome foods that improve both human health and reduce our environmental footprint.

We believe that maintaining a healthy life style is all about balance and eating conscious good food should be easy, convenient and sustainable. It needs to be something you can carry out for the rest of your life, and for any lifestyle to be sustainable; it needs to be enjoyable and delicious.

Recognizing the challenges people face today, we have taken the care to design a service which allows you to introduce delicious plant forward meals with great ease into your lifestyle. We are meticulous about the recipes we choose, where the ingredients come from, and we guarantee the freshest nutrients stay locked in for you.

Our philosophy is that the best way to nurture the worlds health is by reconnecting people back to nature and to healthy plant based food in a way that you receive optimal levels of nutrition while caring for the environment. Almost all our packaging is earth friendly, compostable and recyclable, we believe in doing our part to close the loop and ensure that we give back to the earth what we have taken out of it.

Taking into consideration the different lifestyles people lead and are used to, our goal at Wild Earth is to encourage people of all diet preferences to incorporate plant based eating into their current diets. This doesn’t necessarily mean a complete change but more of a gradual incorporation to witness the benefits firsthand.

Packed with everything a human body needs to feel vibrant and nourished, we empower you to start your journey and join our community that strives towards living your best healthy life.

Benefits of Plant Based Eating

Helping Heal People and the Planet

Everything we put on our plates and in our bodies has a direct impact on our planet and the fastest way to reduce our carbon footprint (by up to 73%) is to switch to or incorporate more plant-based eating. A plant based whole foods diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use.

Health Benefits: Food As Medicine

Whatever your health issues are, we use food to help balance out your system. Whether you are suffering from chronic illnesses, transient illnesses, recovering from surgery, to improve sleep, relieve anxiety, or even just to have more energy for your workouts and daily life: we can do our part to address and improve those issues through plant based eating.

*Plant-based eating is the only diet scientifically proven to improve or reverse chronic diseases*


We believe in a well-rounded approach to nutrition. Plant based eating is the easiest way to get a plethora of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phytochemicals into your system to fulfill your health needs. We believe in nutritional consistency and not in the necessity of specific metrics, Understanding that the quality of the food you eat is more important than precisely defined calorie quantities or macronutrient ratios.

Why Wild Earth?

Perfect Portions

All our ingredients are consciously and reliably sourced ensuring you receive not only the best quality products but are also perfectly portioned and pre-measured to keep waste levels to the minimum.

Plant forward recipes

With thousands of plants to choose from, we bring you exciting new recipes each month ensuring you don’t run out of choices. Combining flavors, textures and colors to curate recipes that help empower you to live a healthy vibrant life.

Ease in Lifestyle

We save you the time and the trouble of having to shop for all the individual ingredients by providing you a neat package with everything you will need to cook our delicious recipes. All our recipes are designed to create a fun experience around healthy cooking and eating whether you are a novice cook or an expert one.

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