Q) What are meal kits?

Meal kits are a subscription based service which provides you with all the fresh ingredients you need to make delicious meals in exactly the right proportions, based on your choice of recipes delivered to your door each week. All you have to do is choose the plan that suits you, cook and enjoy.

Q) What will I get in my Wild Earth box?

In each order, you’ll receive all the fresh, hassle-free ingredients you need to prepare delicious meals in the comfort of your home. We’ll leave the occasional cup of water or seasoning (salt and pepper) and a splash of oil to your pantry, apart from that you can leave the grocery shopping to us!
All your ingredients for your meals will arrive perfectly portioned so that all you need to do is heat up the stove, chop up some veggies, and work up an appetite!

Q) Which meal plan should I select?

We have 2 meal plans: Class Box for 2 Servings and a family box for 4 servings Both meal plans have 4 recipes each week.
Depending on the number of people you would like to cook for, the respective recipes and the meal plan can be selected.
No matter the plan selected, you can always change your meal plan, skip your deliveries, or pause your account at any time.

Q) Do I need to choose my meals each week?

Yes, we have curated a system where you can choose 4 recipes each week from a varied selection of 16 recipes which will change each month. This allows you the freedom to choose the recipes of your preference.

Q) How much do the plans cost?

Depends on the plan you select but not to worry, our pricing is super easy! Our 2 Person plan costs BD 24 per week and provides you with 4 delicious recipes feeding 2 people each. (Each serving costs BD 3) Our 4 Person plan costs BD 40 per week and provides you with 4 delicious recipes feeding 4 people each. (Each serving costs BD 2.5)

Q) Do I need to pay for delivery?

No, The cost of delivery is factored into the price of your orders. You will never be billed for any additional delivery charges.

Q) When will I be charged for my order?

Once you sign up for your first box you will be charged right away for the subscription for the first month (4 weeks). For all subsequent deliveries, you will need to sign in and renew your subscription for the next month as long as you haven't skipped your order or cancelled your subscription.

Q) Can I skip or pause my subscription?

Yes, after you have received your first delivery you are completely free to skip weeks or change your subscription. Managing your deliveries is easy and done online. All we ask is that you make any changes to your subscription before your next payment is processed.

Automated renewal times are as follows:
Automated renewal Delivery
Thursday at noon Monday
Saturday at noon Wednesday

Q) When will my orders be delivered?

Orders will be delivered depending on your choice of morning or evening delivery based on your convenience. Mondays are assigned for morning deliveries (between 8am to 2pm). Wednesdays are assigned for evening deliveries (between 3pm to 9pm)

Q) How long will the food stay fresh?

We recommend that you cook your meals within a few days of receiving your order, if stored properly, most ingredients will be fresh for up to a week! If you are not planning on cooking your meals for three days in a row, our best suggestion would be to prioritize recipes that include the highest amount of fresh leafy greens as these will typically spoil first!

Q) How can i change my current plan?

Log in to your Account
Click on your Name on the top right part of the page
Select 'My Account' from the dropdown options. This will take you directly to the Plan Settings Select your preferred box under the Plan dropdown
Check the rest of the details and ensure your default Meal Plan (far right) is also properly set

Q) How to change my delivery date and time?

Log in to your Account
Click on your Name on the top right part of the page
Select 'My Account' from the dropdown options. This will take you directly to the Account Settings Under Account details you'll find the previously filled form which you can update and save changes to

Q) How to select my recipes?

Log in to your account
Select Plan settings to navigate through your selected plans
Select the Modify recipes option under plan settings
Choose your preferred recipes
Save/Update changes made to your account before logging out

Q) How long does it take to prepare a meal?

Generally, your meals will take between 30-40 minutes to prepare. We want your meals to be as easy to prepare as they are delicious!

Q) Which kitchen tools do I need to prepare my meals?

Most of your ingredients come pre-portioned and measured, however, with each of our recipes a little prep work in the kitchen on your part is needed. Our Culinary team recommends having the following kitchen tools accessible.
Small/medium saucepan
Large pot (for boiling)
Large non-stick skillet
Large oven-safe skillet
Baking dish/baking sheet
Cutting board/set of knives
Blender/food processor
General kitchen tools (spatula, spoons, etc.)
Heat safe mixing bowl set

Q) What are the best ways to store my ingredients?

You can treat your ingredients just as you would any grocery items you buy at the store. Canned goods, dried grains such as rice, or pasta and any dry ingredients can be stored in a cool dry cupboard or pantry. Breads and tortillas last best if they are kept in the fridge. Any fresh fruits, vegetables and soy products such as tofu or tempeh can also be stored in the fridge.